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Wall Art Trends for 2021

What's happening in the world of wall art this year? If your answer includes animal portraits, botanicals and neon, you're on the right track. These popular trends are equal parts beautiful and diverse. In 2020, there are wall art options for every style.


An awesome neon sign has the ability to set a cool, futuristic vibe while also being somewhat of a throwback. It's a trend that quite frankly will never go out of style. Major cities like New York, Las Vegas and Paris who use this form of art and signage frequently are proof of that. Additionally, the light neon gives off will easily set the mood of any room. It's an unexpected and quirky way to literally light up your space.


It seems as though the 50's have been an inspiration for lots of fun retro wall art. This trend has taken us back to signage that depicts a message without so much text. It's a simpler version of block texts and large illustrations that have been popular in years past. Retro 50's inspired art can add a homey, nostalgic vibe to your home while bringing in pops of color.


Abstract art may be one of the most popular trends happening this year. It combines various shapes and colors that result in bold creations. This form of art allows you to have beautiful pieces on your wall that are uncomplicated. They can be dark, moody and curvaceous or light and bright with simple clean lines. Either way, they will bring visual interest wherever they are.


Plants are having a moment both in real life and in the art world. What goes better with real plants than plant art? They're a match made in heaven. This trend has been popular for a couple years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Beautiful botanical prints have a simple elegance to them. They make a room feel fresh and calm while bringing a little taste of the outside, indoors.

Line Art

If you gravitate towards minimalism, line art is a great option. It's a trend modeled after the works of artists like Picasso and Matisse. Line art typically consists of incredibly simple black designs on white paper. It provides you with an opportunity to display art within your space without being overwhelming.


Animal art is another popular trend happening this year. These pieces will add visual interest and whimsy to your space. Art that portrays animals is a simple way to bring color and texture to your walls. It's unexpected and fun. In addition to neutral/black and white, there are many colorful portrait options for those wanting to make their animal art a statement piece.

Choosing artwork for your home is an extremely personal experience. There are so many incredible trends to try! Look for art that helps you express yourself and the things that are important to you.

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