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Fenchurch Ave. Wallpaper
Grey Floral Swirl Wallpaper
Fenchurch Ave. Wallpaper
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Fenchurch Ave. Wallpaper

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Fenchurch Ave. is a nice, subtle floral swirl wallpaper. This design would look beautiful on any wall in your home. Peel and stick for easy install and removal.

⭐️ Highest quality fabric peel and stick wallpaper in the industry! It's durable, removable, and repositionable. Our wallpapers come with an adhesive backing that is as easy as peel and stick! They are PVC free with water-based inks. MADE IN THE USA!

⭐️ Peel and Stick Smooth - Our smooth fabric wallpaper has a smooth, velvety feel to its finish.
Peel and Stick Texture - Our textured fabric wallpaper has a lightly textured, linen feel to its finish.

⭐️ One thing that makes us different is that we include a 1/2" overlap on the right-hand side of every wallpaper roll to make sure the design lines up perfectly with no gaps AND we include an extra 1" on the bottom of every roll because not all walls are straight and we want your wallpaper to look perfect!

⭐️ We offer THE MOST sizing options! You can purchase our wallpaper in 1 ft increments so there is less waste and therefore, less cost for you!

⭐️ Our 7" x 7" SAMPLE includes samples of both the actual design scale, and a design scaled down to view the entire design. Our LARGE SAMPLE is a 25"x11" sample with actual design scale.

⭐️ All wallpaper has a 24" design repeat and are printed at a straight drop, from top to bottom.

Item # W155

 Easy install and removal without damaging your walls.

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How much wallpaper do I need?

To determine the height you will need, round the height of your wall up to the nearest available length, which is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12ft. If you are wallpapering multiple walls in a room, use the height of the tallest wall to measure.

All of our rolls are 24" wide. To calculate how many you will need, measure the full width of your wall in inches and divide by 24". Then round your answer up to the nearest full number, and that's how many rolls you will need.

The wallpaper design is printed at a straight drop, meaning you can hang them straight up next to each other and we include a 1/2" overlap on the right hand side of the roll, and 1" to 2" extra on the bottom to aid in aligning the design when hanging the wallpaper from left to right.

IMPORTANT NOTE‼️ We do not recommend applying our wallpapers over stain-resistant or washable painted walls. They will not stick to these surfaces. If you currently have these types of painted walls, we suggest painting them with a white, flat primer and allow at least 4 weeks for the paint to cure, otherwise the wallpaper may bubble.

You can visit our Wallpaper Installation page for more details.