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Current Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper has a somewhat checkered past in the design world. It has had a long history of going in and out of style. What was once known as an antiquated and questionable décor choice has once again become popular. With countless new textures and patterns, this design feature is now a modern must have. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of the top wallpaper trends for 2021.

Pretty Plants
Greenery is having a major moment in 2021. If growing plants is not your strong suit, you can still enjoy them on your walls. What is known as 'Palm Beach Style' is all the rage. This trend includes any type of greenery or plant pattern from tropical leaves to bamboo. It can also include bright colors reminiscent of themes and colors you would typically see in a Florida landscape.

Bold, geometric patterns have proven quite popular this year as well. These can be both playful and modern additions to any room. They also bring a level of sophistication to your space. Geometric patterns are often ruled out because they are perceived to be busy or bold. If you feel this way, look for geometric wallpaper with white or neutral colored backgrounds. Step outside of your comfort zone and try this trend!

Another popular trend happening this year is textured wallpaper. You can find incredible products made from materials like grass cloth or linen. These are excellent options for those who don't want anything too busy. Textured wallpaper provides a means to create mostly solid feature walls that are visually appealing. They add interest to a space without being too wild. Additionally, there are products you can purchase that look like brick, marble, wood or even stone. Bring depth to your space by adding texture to the walls.

If you thought a mural had no place in your home, think again. This current trend makes a big statement by essentially bringing wall sized artwork to your space. From florals to scenic panoramas of forests and beaches; your options are vast.

New Chintz
This wallpaper trend takes its cues from the past. It's a modern take on traditional Victorian style décor. The idea is to take an older looking print and infuse it with vibrant colors and movement. It's a beautiful, stylish trend that can also be described as whimsical.

Old Hollywood Glamour
This trend embodies romantic florals with just a hint of edgy, “rock and roll” type vibes. Think deep purple, dark blue and rich red floral patterns on a black backdrop. The result is a very dramatic, glamorous wallpaper that will elevate any space.

Beautiful wallpaper not only transforms a wall, but an entire room. It's a great way to add drama to your home. With so many advances in products and application techniques, it's easier than ever to create a memorable space. Explore a vast array of wallpaper options to add individuality and interest to your home.

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