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Designing a Wall Art Collage (In 5 Easy Steps)

Curating a collection of wall art you love can take a long time. Whether you're putting together an assortment of photos, a wall of sayings and nick-knacks, or a combination of the two, you want to make sure you get it right. The following steps will help you create the perfect wall art collage from start to finish.

Bohemian wall art collage

Find the Perfect Pieces

The best wall art collages tell a story. The pieces may seem totally random; however, when you look closely and learn their meanings, you start to understand why they go together so well. Find pieces to display that are representative of you and make you happy.

Put Pen to Paper

Before you start putting things up on the wall, sketch out a couple different layout options on a piece of paper. This will help you come up with a configuration you love without putting unnecessary holes in your walls. You can also play around with potential frame shapes as well. For example, you can see what a collage would look like if you integrated circle or oval frames with your square or rectangular ones. Also, if you have nick-knack items that are oddly shaped, you will have an easier time placing them when drawing out your collage first.

Lay Out

As helpful as a drawing can be, nothing helps you visualize a space better than laying out your collage on the ground. This is where you can perfect the placement of each piece and the distance between items. It's helpful to see everything physically together before you start hanging things up.

Measure Twice

Measure the area you want to hang your collage in. When you have the numbers on that, divide them in half to find the middle of your hanging space. Start there and work your way out. Use a tape measure to see space out your wall art and a pencil to mark where you need to put nails. Take your time on this step. If even one of your measurements is off, your collage wont look the way you envisioned it. Don't be afraid to mark up and down the entire wall. You can always erase it when you're done!

Hang it Up

If you've made it this far, you're almost to the finish line! The last step in this process is to get your items up on the wall. Before you break out that hammer, make sure you have the appropriate anchors, nails and screws required. Double check that the materials you choose can hold the weight of your items. This is particularly important when hanging any kind of shelving.


Designing the perfect wall art collage is easier than you think. Take the time to find the right pieces and do the legwork to place them appropriately. Doing this will help you create a wall feature that brings both beauty and representation to your space.

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