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How to Pick the Perfect Wallpaper Design

You've decided to wallpaper! Now what? There are so many styles, textures and patterns to choose from and it can easily become an overwhelming adventure. In order to narrow down your choices, ask yourself the following questions.

Peel and stick wallpaper designs

What's Your Style?
What do you like? Do you want each room to match the overall style of your house? Or do you want to make each room a different style? Envision your ideal space. Is it a farmhouse vibe? Victorian? Modern? Eclectic? Casual? Glam? Pick a color scheme that coordinates with your overall vision. Once you've narrowed down your vibe for the space, you can begin your search for wallpaper that fits into that category.

Pattern Mixing
For this section, take a look at the patterns you already have going on in your space. Take stock of your furniture, drapes and decor you currently own. Just because you have prints in your space doesn't mean you can't pick an awesome wallpaper. You just need to work around your existing design. For example, if you already have patterned drapes or upholstery, choose a similar toned wallpaper. If you decide on a patterned wallpaper, make sure any upholstery or drapery has a smaller or larger pattern. They cannot be the same size or it will clash. Finally, keep in mind that if your existing pieces are very pattern heavy, a solid wallpaper is also a great option. Play with textures to add depth and interest to your room.

Surrounding Colors
When choosing the perfect wallpaper, you must take into account the colors of the room. You'll need to look at the walls, yes. But you can't forget to include the trim, door, and flooring colors as well. Ideally, you'd find something that complimented every aspect of the space by matching your existing room tones and wall tones. If you're looking to add drama in your space, find a wallpaper that is the same color but a few shades lighter than your existing wall color. You could also find a wallpaper that has the same background color as your wall. Doing this will make for a smooth transition visually and create a cohesive looking space.

Pattern Size

How do you want your room to feel? The size of the pattern on your wallpaper can affect your space in a major way. A large pattern will make everything feel smaller and a bit more cozy. Wallpapers with smaller, more intricate designs can make a tiny area feel much bigger. However, a large wallpaper in a small bathroom can bring a lot of drama to the space. Additionally, a small print can be an excellent addition to a large room when it can be broken up by lots of windows and other built in pieces of furniture.

As with many design projects, it starts with a lot of thought work. Ask yourself the above mentioned questions to help you pick the perfect wallpaper design.


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