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Wallpaper Installation


NOTE! Our wallpapers are not recommended for use on textured walls.

It’s best to have help when hanging your wallpaper, and to hang it all in one day.

Utility Knife and Squeegee

Re-roll your wallpaper so that the top is on the outside of the roll. The top of each strip has no white space, whereas the bottom has a narrow line of white and is printed with your order number. Don’t trim any part of the paper before hanging.

The wall you’re applying your paper to should be smooth, clean and dust free. Patch or sand any damaged areas of the wall, especially where sharp edges might pierce or tear the wallpaper. For best results, apply wallpaper to a surface that is a solid, light color. If your wall has been recently painted, allow at least 4 weeks for the paint to cure before applying wallpaper, otherwise bubbling may occur.

If you’re applying multiple strips of wallpaper, hang them from the left to right to ensure a smooth repeat of the design. Start with the upper left corner of the wall. If covering and entire room, choose a corner that is not so obvious since the repeat will not match up on the final seam.

Pick up the first strip and peel away a few inches of the paper backing from the top of the roll. Fold the backing paper away from the adhesive and crease it, giving you a few inches of tack to begin your application. Don’t unroll the full length of the roll yet--you’ll want to support the roll and unpeel it slowly as you go. Align the top of the wallpaper with the ceiling, making sure it’s straight and even on the wall. Ask your friend to step back and check that the strip is straight and your design elements are level, then press the exposed adhesive area against the wall. Our wallpaper is repositionable, so if you need to adjust the placement simply peel the paper off the wall slowly and reapply as necessary.

Once the top of the strip is in position, gently peel the paper backing down 10-15 inches at a time and smooth the wallpaper onto the wall, moving from the center outwards. If necessary, use the squeegee to move large air bubbles to the edge of the design, being careful not to scratch your design.

Pick up your second strip of wallpaper and apply it so that its left side overlaps the right side of the previous strip by approximately 3/4 inch, carefully visually matching the repeat. There is no need to trim the overlap; it guarantees that the wallpaper will repeat seamlessly. Repeat this step, moving from left to right and aligning each new strip over the strip to its left. Once you’ve applied all strips, use a sharp knife to trim any excess at the edges of the wall and any excess paper on the right edge of your installation area.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper Installation Diagram